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World class performances in the young horse tour

The impressive performances in the young horse tour continued the day of the final tasks.

First and foremost was the 5-year-old Fashion Prinz OLD from Hof Kasselmann, who was presented flawlessly by the 35-year-old German Fredric Wandres. The rider from Oldenburg won the competition with a score of 94.0 percent and received special praise and top marks from the top-class jury: 9.2 for trot, 10.0 for walk, 9.5 for canter, 8.8 for permeability and a 9.5 for perspective.

Also, Laura Strobel showed a very strong round. She presented the horse Alvarinho GV owned by Max-Theurer with 86.0 percentage points.

Diana Porsche also celebrated a victory in the final of the 6-year-old dressage horses with Lady Gaga with 79.8 percentage points. She was closely followed by Yvonne Kläne with Valerian MT (79.6). Third place went to Ruth Donner with Limited Edition and 74.6 percent.

N°8 FEI Finalaufgabe 5-jährige

1. Frederic Wandres (GER), Fashion Prinz OLD 94.0

2. Laura Strobel (GER), Alvarinho GV 86.0

3. Yvonne Kläne (GER), Valentin 78.6

4. Laura Strobel (GER), Ernesto Maserati GV 77.4

N°9 FEI Finalaufgabe 6-jährige

1. Diana Porsche (AUT), Lady Gaga 79.8

2. Yvonne Kläne (GER), Valerian MT 79.6

3. Ruth Donner (AUT), Limited Edition 74.6

N°10 FEI Finalaufgabe 7-jährige

1. Yvonne Kläne (GER), Fürst Schwarzenberg MT 74.672


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