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Since 1992, the Schloss Achleiten Riding Club has hosted the international dressage elite. Once a year, dressage competitions ranging from tests for young horses and young riders to Grand Prix are on the programme.

Das Schloss
Das Turnier
The Facility

The stately castle park of Achleiten with its old buildings in front of the picturesque backdrop of Achleiten Castle offers the best conditions for dressage sport at the highest level.

The square with the international dimensions of 20 by 60 meters has a structure with Otto mats and a sand / shavings footing. This also applies to the preparation area. The pedal surface of the riding arena also consists of a non-slip but resilient mixture of sand and shavings.

The Castle

Achleiten Castle is mentioned in historical documents for the first time in 1189. Because of its strategically opportune location, it was possible from this location to completely block off the Kremstal [Krems Valley] through the Veste Tunnel which no longer exists today.  
In the centuries that followed, the owners of the estate changed often, one of which was the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg, Johan Ernst Graf Thun, in the 18th century.  It was during this period that the castle was given the appearance it has today. The magnificent castle fountain and garden pavilion also originate from this period. 
The Max-Theurer family purchased the castle and park in 1982 and went to great effort to restore the estate and maintain its style.


Under the direction of Sissy Max-Theurer, a riding facility was created at Achleiten Castle between the years 1989 and 1991 and since 1992 it has been the annual venue of the CDI**** Achleiten and was also the venue of the European Junior Dressage Championships in 1999 and the Austrian State Championships in 2007.

The Achleiten Show Committee was founded in 1991 by Sissy and Hans Max-Theurer, the engineer Hubert Winkler, and Evelyn Beuerlein. The list of world class riders that have found their way to Kremstal is long: Nicole Uphoff/GER, Klaus Balkenhol/GER, Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff/GER, Anky van Grunsven/NED, Heike Kemmer/GER, Sven Rothenberger/NED, Gyula Dallos/HUN, Otto Hofer/SUI, Isabell Werth/GER, Dorothee Schneider/GER und nicht zuletzt Sissy Max-Theurer sowie ihre Tochter Victoria Max-Theurer.

The Show


Vice president 



Elisabeth Max-Theurer

Fritz Biermayer

Rolanda Fassl

Harald Schwarzer

The founding members of the riding club
Sissy Max-Theurer

Personal information: 
married to Hans Max-Theurer since 1983
children: Victoria, born in 1985, and Johannes, born in 1987
citizenship: Austrian
date and place of birth: Linz on September 20, 1956
parents: Dr. Josef Theurer, industrialist, and Doris Theurer, teacher 

1975 high school diploma from Hamerlingstr. High School in Linz
1981 training as certified riding instructor

Special interests:

Equestrian sports, horse breeding  

"Since my childhood I have been interested in animals, especially horses. In 1966, when I was 10 years old, I was allowed to begin riding lessons, at first only with trained horses. In 1968 I received the first horse of my own, a little Lipizzaner known as Flotzi. My mother began riding at this time as well and we had many happy times together on long outings on horseback. Then ambition took over and, in 1969, I started tournament riding. At first, I wasn?t very successful and my name could be found on the lower third of the result listings. I continually tried to improve and, in 1971, I won the youth championship in dressage riding. For a while I did well in jumping tests, reaching the class L/M. In 1973 I began working together with Hans, who later became my husband, and from that point on, my career sky-rocketed."

1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 national dressage champion
Many victories and placements at international tournaments such as Aachen / GER, Rome / ITA, Berlin / GER, Munich / GER, Copenhagen / NED, Paris / FRA, Nice / FRA, Goodwood / GBR, Dortmund / GER, Antwerp / BEL
1974 Participation in the EM Juniors in Copenhagen / DEN
1975 Participation in the EM Juniors in Fontainebleu / FRA
1976 Participation in the EM Juniors in Deurne / NED
1977 Austrian Vice State Champion in dressage
1978 Austrian state champion in dressage
1979 EM Aarhus / DEN, Austrian state champion in dressage
1980 CHIO Aachen / GER 2nd place in the Grand Prix behind Dr. Uwe Schulten Baumer / Slibowitz and in front of Dr. Reiner Klimke / Ahlerich and 2nd place in the Grand Prix Special behind Ahlerich and in front of Slibovitz,

Olympic Games Moscow / RUS single gold with Mon Cherie
Austrian state champion in dressage
1983 EM Aachen / GER 10th place individual competition with Acapulco
Austrian state champion in dressage
1984 Olympic Games Los Angeles / USA
11th place individual competition with Acapulco
1992 Olympic Games Barcelona / ESP
8th place individual evaluation with Liechtenstein
1994 World Equestrian Games in The Hague / NED
12th place individual evaluation with Liechtenstein

Hans Max-Theurer

Personal information: 
Married to Sissy Max-Theurer since 1983
2 children: Victoria (born 1985) and Johannes (born 1987) 
Citizenship: Austrian 
Place and date of birth: Wels, Austria, August 17, 1942 

State certified riding teacher 

Hans Max-Theurer was engaged in the training of horses and riders for over 50 years. He began his professional riding career in the riding village Ampflwang. With the Yugoslavian Lipizzan crossbreed Astor, who originally earned his oats as a school horse, he represented the Austrian colours at the 1974 Dressage World Championships in Copenhagen. 

His most famous pupils were his wife Sissy, whom he led to the European Championship title in Aarhus/DEN in 1979 and to the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Moscow/RUS in 1980, as well as to the six-time Austrian State Championship and with whom he married in 1983, and daughter Victoria, who saw the light of day in 1985. As a retiree, he dedicated himself exclusively to the training of Victoria and her horses and if, contrary to expectations, something didn't work out, then the motto was: "Daddy will fix it". 

More than 30 Grand Prix horses and many advanced (S) level dressage horses made it into the big dressage sport through his training. His most famous horses are the European Champion and Olympic Champion Mon Cherie as well as the Olympic final horses Acapulco and Liechtenstein, the European Championship Fifth, WEG Sixth, Olympic 13th and Burg-Pokal winner Augustin OLD as well as Walzertraum, Agrigento, Donaufürst, Falcao OLD, August der Starke OLD, Salieri OLD, Eichendorff, Della Cavalleria OLD and many more. 

Hans Max-Theurer was awarded the title “Reitmeister” (Master of Equitation) due to his success. He also headed the main department for training in equestrian sports in Austria. 
Further interests were art and antiques, castles and palaces. 

On August 11, 2019, six days before his 77th birthday, Hans Max-Theurer died completely unexpectedly.

Evelyn Beuerlein

Evelyn Beuerlein was a real Salzburg woman, mother of three daughters, one of whom rides, assistant in her husband's dental practice and used to ride competitions up to medium level herself. 

For more than 30 years she was involved in the organisation of tournaments (CDN, CDI, European Championships for juniors and young riders), first in RC St. Georg Salzburg/Hellbrunn-Klessheim and then in Achleiten. 

For more than 20 years she acted as national judge for dressage and show jumping and soon as long as that she was a dressage consultant for the LFV Salzburg. 

Evelyn Beuerlein died on December 28, 2019 after a bravely endured illness.


Unsere Partner

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