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Werth wins superiorly, Bacher on place 3

In the Grand Prix of the Special Tour, Germany’s exceptional rider Isabell Werth won with Emilio with a score of 77.348 percent. Austria’s Olympic candidate Florian Bacher was pleased with third place.

“That was a safe round for the first show this year for Emilio. He did shake himself properly twice, an insect must have disturbed him,“ laughed Isabell Werth in her winner’s interview.

Second place went to Jeanna Hogberg from Sweden with Lorenzo and 73.761 percent. Florian Bacher and the reliable Fidertraum made it into the top three with 72.674 percent.

The Austrian Olympic candidate had not even expected to have to appear at the award ceremony, “More points would have been possible but I had three self-inflicted mistakes in the canter – they lowered the score. I am still super happy with how Fidertraum felt and how he was to ride. We were really on a good way, maybe even our personal best score would have been possible, but it doesn’t help. We are looking forward positively and I know I can rely on him.“

N°2 FEI Grand Prix (CDI4*, Qualification for N°4 Grand Prix Special)

1. Isabell Werth (GER), Emilio 77,348 percent

2. Jeanna Hogberg (SWE), Lorenzo 73,761

3. Florian Bacher (AUT), Fidertraum 72,674

4. Nicole Casper (GER), Birkhof’s Topas FBW 72,674

5. Estelle Wettstein (SUI), Quaterboy 71,304

6. Ulrike Prunthaller (AUT), Bartlgut’s Quarz 70,652

7. Christian Schumach (AUT), Te Quiero 70,391

8. Anna Buffini (USA), FRH Davinia La Douce 70,326

9. Katie Johnson (USA), Quartett 69,565

10. Renate Voglsang (AUT), Fürst Ferdinand zur Fasanenhöhe 69,043

11. Astrid Neumayer (AUT), Zap Zap 68,659

12. Belinda Weinbauer (AUT), Fustanella OLD 68,652

13. Franziska Stieglmaier (GER), DSP Dauphin 67,978

14. Stefan Lehfellner (AUT), Delizia 66,0

15. Amanda Hartung (AUT), Fürst Flipper 65,131

16. Elena Trius (ITA), Bequepe 60,065


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