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The Jöbstl-family dominates the junior tour

The junior tours finally became a family affair on the second day of the tournament. With Jöbstl victories in both age groups.

After the victory in the team competition on the previous day, Jöbstl now also won the individual competition with Bodyguard, this time with an impressive 75.176 percent. This is a record score for the 19-year-old rider from Graz, who can confidently travel to the European Young Riders Championships (YR, J) in Hartpury (GBR, July 25-31) in his first Young Riders year: "Bodyguard was already so motivated today in the warm-up arena, I wanted to bring this energy into the quadrangle and we succeeded in really stepping on the gas once again."

Sister Fanny Jöbstl took the win with Simsalabim OLD and third place with Dunkelbunt. The day before, her triplet sister Florentina had been ahead of her in second place with Coco Procol Harum.

"It's really cool because we support each other really well and are always happy when the other one succeeds," laughed Fanny Jöbstl, who was born a few minutes before her sister Florentina and brother Julius, the only one in the family not interested in equestrian sports.

"It's nice that we were able to show once again what we can really do before the European Championship with our personal best score of 72.294 percent. Yesterday the bit was slipped and you could see the tongue, you have no chance for good points if that´s the case."

N°14 FEI Young Riders Individual

1. Paul Jöbstl (AUT), Bodyguard 75.176

2. Felicita Simoncic (AUT), Immowert’s Ivar 72.529

3. Felicita Simoncic (AUT), Connery Junior 70.0

4. Fiona Spranz (AUT), Liberte 68.971

5. Pia Stallmeister (AUT), Cantano Tetti 67.853

6. Lilli Ochsenhofer (AUT), Roi du Soleil MT 66.912

N°12 FEI Juniors Individual

1. Fanny Jöbstl (AUT), Simsalabim OLD 72.294

2. Celestine Kindler (GER), Romeo 70.618

3. Fanny Jöbstl (AUT), Dunkelbunt 68.206

4. Florentina Jöbstl (AUT), Coco Procol Harum 68.029

4. Lena Abfalterer (AUT), Fjodor 68.029

6. Corinna Gebhard (AUT), Bellagio 67.794


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