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Simoncic wins with personal high score

She's done it again! We're talking about Felicita Simoncic. The 18-year-old Viennese obviously feels at home in the "Schlossparkviereck" at Achleiten Castle and was able to confirm her victory from the previous day on Saturday. Together with her 10-year-old gelding Immowert's Ivar, Simoncic was again in a class of her own, prevailed against her ten competitors and not only took first place with 74.382 percent in the Young Riders Individual, but also surpassed her personal high score. Felix Artner, who also started with two horses in the second competition, took second place again with Auheim's Divinie Etincelle with 69.088 percent. The third of the previous day, Corinna Gebhard, made it back into the top 3 after a nice lap. The Styrian and her sports partner Bellagio 16 were rated 68.912 percent and finished the test in third place.

“Today Ivar was with me a bit more, was calmer and we approached it with more concentration. All in all we are very satisfied, we did particularly well in the beginning part. Yesterday we took a close look at the judge's protocol and tried to implement some passages better. It's nice when you can continuously improve over the weekend. We now had a personal high score in both competitions, which makes us very proud,” beamed Simoncic after a more than successful weekend.

Felix Artner, who also gave a positive assessment, took the same line: “I am very satisfied with Divi. We managed to show two stable laps without any major blunders, worked well together and he responded well to my impulses. So it really fits in very well at the moment.” Artner is currently with the army and lives with his trainer Christian Schumach at Gut Muraunberg. “Christian is very important to me. Working together, living together and making dreams come true are currently the most important parts of my life. I couldn't imagine anything else at the moment. This year I want to make it to the European Championships, I think that looks pretty good.”

N°8 FEI Young Rider Individual Test

1. Felicita Simoncic (AUT), Immowert’s Ivar; 74,382 Prozent

2. Felix Artner (AUT), Auheim’s Divine Etincelle; 69,088

3. Corinna Gebhard (AUT), Bellagio 16; 68,912

4. Leon Aschauer (AUT), Formidable; 68,676

5. Catarina Sangiorgi (ITA), Totally More RH; 67,618

6. Isabella John (AUT), Heldgard’s Accoya; 67,441

7. Anna-Katharina Jan (AUT), Auheim’s Feliciano; 65,853

8. Felix Artner (AUT), Sybelius; 65,735

9. Anna-Katharina Jan (AUT), Fasten Seat Belt; 65,118 10. Laetitia Lumbe (AUT), Findet Nemo 3; 64,765 11. Katharina Fadrany (AUT), Loriot 19; 64,529

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