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Peter Gmoser wins the Inter II

As part of the international four-star tournament in Achleiten 2022 there is also a national tour. There, Peter Gmoser from Burgenland won the Inter II with Banderas on Friday with 70.711 percent ahead of Katharina Haas from Upper Austria with Fairytale OLD (70.158%).

"Banderas is now 12 years old and has been with me for 10 years. Last year he was out of action, so I am very happy with this round. I think he'll be ready for his international debut in two weeks at the World Cup tournament in Olomouc in the 3-Star Tour," Gmoser hopes.

N°51 Intermediaire II (CDN-A*)

1. Peter Gmoser (B), Banderas 70.711

2. Katharina Haas (OÖ), Fairytale 70.158

3. Lars Ligus (GER), Don Juan’s Duvetico 69.035

4. Michael Geismeier (GER), Di Navarone 67.763


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