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Fuchs-Benes wins in Inter II

In the national tour, Lukas Fuchs-Benes from Lower Austria won the Intermediate II with Gogogachetto Chippendale with 69.411 percent ahead of Jonas Frick with Juno (68.029%) and Sophie Marlene Francz with Der Romatiker (66.882%).

"It basically felt very good today and we were scored where I see myself at the moment. The piaffe is not yet as pronounced as it should be and there was also a mistake in the middle canter change. That often works a bit better in training at the moment. But we are working hard to improve there. My horse did a really good job today, without him none of this would be possible," Fuchs-Benes revealed after the award ceremony.

N°11 Intermediate II

1. Lukas Fuchs-Beens (AUT), Gogogachetto Chippendale; 69,441 Prozent

2. Jonas Frick (AUT), Juno; 68,029 Prozent

3. Sophie Marlene Francz (AUT), Der Romantiker; 66,882 
 4. Fiona Spranz (AUT), Santiago; 64,000

5. Isabella John (AUT), Achilles 55; 63,971

6. Chiara Pengg (AUT), Auheim’s Roi De Coeur OLD; 62,383

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