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Christian Schumach spearheads Austrian triple success in the Special Tour

Christian Schumach with Te Quiero SF, owned by his student Franziska Fries. (c) CDI Achleiten

In the Grand Prix of the Special Tour in the afternoon, there was an Austrian triple success spearheaded by Olympic candidate Christian Schumach, who achieved a personal record score of 72.609 percent in a round with Te Quiero SF. Behind the Carinthian duo were Timna Zach with Farant (71.87 = personal high score!) and Astrid Neumayer with Zap Zap (70.935).

Christian Schumach summed up with satisfaction, "Te Quiero did a really good job, is becoming more relaxed from test to test and is getting more routine. In only his fifth Grand Prix, we managed an almost faultless round, even though we didn't ride with the last risk. That is to say that we still have some reserves left."

And he continued, "The development makes me extremely positive and I am happy that we were able to increase the score compared to the show in Ornago. Together we will slowly build up Te Quiero's confidence so that he gets even more security in his rounds – the rest will happen by itself. I enjoy every day that I can have such a great exceptional horse under my saddle."

Commenting on the performances of his teammates, Schumach said, "It's incredible when you look at the current strength in our dressage team. In my opinion, Austria is coming on strong in this division, and that makes me extremely confident for the next shows and highlights."

Timna Zach scratched the 72-percent-mark again with Farant. (c) CDI Achleiten

Astrid Neumayer and Zap Zap (c) CDI Achleiten

N°2 FEI Grand Prix (CDI4*, Qualification for N°4)

1. Christian Schumach (AUT), Te Quiero SF 72,609 Prozent

2. Timna Zach (AUT), Farant 71,87

3. Astrid Neumayer (AUT), Zap Zap 70,935

4. Franziska Stieglmaier (GER), DSP Dauphin 69,696

5. Franziska Fries (AUT), Atomic 68,935

6. Belinda Weinbauer (AUT), Fustanella OLD 68,935

7. Amanda Hartung (AUT), Fürst Flipper 66,804

8. Katharina Haas (AUT), Let it be 66,782

9. Florian Bacher (AUT), Sinclair Jason 66,522


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