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C'est la vie ends Schumach's winning streak

After three victories in Achleiten, the series of Christian Schumach and Donna Karacho ended on Saturday in the freestyle.

Stefanie Schatz-Weihermüller and C'est la vie ended the winning streak of Christian Schumach and Donna Karacho in the Schlosspark quadrangle of Achleiten. Foto (c) CDI Achleiten

The Carinthian duo had to admit defeat in a heat battle with temperatures up to 30 degrees in the Schlosspark quadrangle with a good 74.39 percent on the German Stefanie Schatz-Weihermüller with C'est la vie, who achieved a score of 75.25.

"That's the way it is in sport, every winning streak comes to an end one day," the Olympic rider explained. "I'm still very satisfied, I just risked too much on a pirouette. Donna proved once again that she can be relied on, despite the high temperatures. And I saw Steffi ride, that was really a good round - she deserved to win."

N°3 FEI Grand Prix Kür

1. Stefanie Schatz-Weihermüller (GER), C’est la vie 75.250 Prozent

2. Christian Schumach (AUT), Donna Karacho 74.39

3. Sarah Tubman (USA), First Apple 72.32

4. Anna Magdalena Schessl (GER), Biedermeier NRW 71.02

5. Amanda Hartung (AUT), Dresscode Black 70.895


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