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Final in the young horse tours

In addition to the Grand Prix Freestyle and the start of the junior competitions, the final competitions for 5-, 6- and 7-year-old horses were also scheduled in the castle park arena on Saturday as part of the 24th CDI4* in Achleiten.

81,257 Prozent für Astrid Neumayer und Dinay (c) CDI Achleiten

In the morning, Franziska Stieglmaier presented the 6-year-old Hanoverian gelding Zahin and achieved 80.0 percent. Czech Jan Zamec with Kajool was again behind the German with a large distance, just like in the preliminary test.

After the lunch break, Luxembourg’s Sascha Schulz present again the 5-year-old stallion Louis Vuitton and scored 80.2 percent.

Austria’s Olympi rider Astrid Neumayer surpassed the 80-percent-mark with the 7-year-old Hanoverian gelding Dinay – 81.257!

FEI Final test 7-year-olds

1. Astrid Neumayer (AUT), Dinay 81.257 2. Christina Trost (GER), Dickens 68.157

FEI Final test 6-year-olds

1. Franziska Stieglmaier (GER), Zahin 80.0 2. Jan Zamec (CZE), Kajool 74.8

FEI Preliminary test 5-year-olds

1. Sascha Schulz (LUX), Louis Vuitton 80.2

81.257 percent for Astrid Neumayer and Dinay (c) CDI Achleiten


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